Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oregon's Jeff Merkley: Let's Send A True Blue Democrat To The Senate!

This showed up in my mailbox today, from the Republican party. There is no mention of Senator Gordon Smith's approval of the message, but I'm sure he is aware of it. The message, or should I just call it a psy-op, is pretty clear and the motivation is fear. Problem is that like a lot of things done by the current corporation that calls itself a government, it is directed at the opponent when it is the perpetrator who is to be feared.

Senator Smith was a Ranger, indicating a donation of $200,000 dollars to the George Duhhbya Bu$h campaign. He was also involved in the Abramof scandle and the "Healthy Forests Iniative", among other things. Ranger Smith collected a cool million $ when Bu$h came to Oregon to show us how to clear the kindling out of our forests.

by Turkana

Most of the Senate seats we flipped two years ago, and most we can flip this year, were and are of the red to purple variety. Electing true blue Democrats just isn't easy. But we can do it, in Oregon. The most recent polls show Jeff Merkley pulling ahead.

Are you ready for another true blue U.S. Senator? Please donate to and/or volunteer for Jeff Merkley!

How great is Jeff Merkley?

Jeff Merkley opposed the boondoggle Wall Street Bailout.

As did Barack Obama, Jeff Merkley opposed the Iraq War before it started. He was also the first U.S. Senate candidate to sign on to "A Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq”.

Jeff Merkley supports an 80% reduction in greenhouse gasses and massive investments in r & d of renewable energy and other green technologies.

Jeff Merkley believes we must provide universal health care.

Jeff Merkley wants to fully fund Head Start and public schools, and overhaul No Child Left Behind.

Jeff Merkley supports a comprehensive plan to honor and serve our veterans.

Jeff Merkley believes in free trade, but also believes we must reform trade agreements to add labor and environmental standards, stop offshore tax shelters, and prevent fast track.

Jeff Merkley supports marriage equality, led the fight in Oregon's legislature to legalize domestic partnerships, and will oppose effort to pass federal legislation that bans marriage equality.

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