Monday, December 11, 2006

I'm for "We The People" & The Constitution

I just want to tell everybody that when I speak from the left of center, that I mean that I will work for "We The People".

So..Starting on Jan. 1

I promise to do my best to:

Create a task force on global warming.

Create a government funded program to employ people who are out of work on alternative energy and conservation projects

To never lie.

Create a commitee to oversee lobbying activity, and make it a no money involved activity. Thats right...lobbying will basicly be handled like a charity. RE: Work toward making this an ownership society of small farms with water rights for organic crops and other such useful projects.
Reform the media. There is afterall a lot of information that could be on regular tv and radio.
Return free enterprise to the people. RE: if you would like to build an automobile that runs on hydrolics from a pollution free heat source without a transmission, differential, catylitic convertor, or air bags, that would be ok, even if it gets 200 mpg. And if you catch fish...You can sell them. Believe me, if we can be responsible for carrying our own health insurence, we can also be responsible for what we eat.

And...Many things that I'll be adding later.You tell me...I am afterall your representative in government.

Smaller federal and larger state government?