Sunday, July 23, 2006

Message from Senator Gordon Smith of Oregon

My fellow Oregonians. In these times of the diminishing dollar we need to put our money in solid investments, like this one that I found on Ebay. The collectible market is as good as gold, and this book by George W Bush, especially the signed edition will do nothing but gain in value. Also...10% of the profits go to our troops in Iraq.

George W. Bush, A Charge To Keep, 1st/1st Signed
Winning bid: US $356.00

Ended: Jul-18-06 14:17:08 PDT
Shipping costs: FREE
US Postal Service Media MailTM (more services)
Ships to: Worldwide
Item location: On The Border of Mexico, United States
History: 19 bids
Winning bidder: User ID kept private

Hmm...I wonder how many copies he signed. Should be a pretty good futures collectible, if there is one.
This highly edifying description of George W Bush was ghost written by non other than his own communications director, Karen Hughes.

Should I try to buy a copy of this ,HOT COLLECTIBLE or invest a little more and purchase the 16" bronze statue of Dubya in his flight suit.

Hmm...According to this Georges autobiogaphy was originally written by a guy named Herskowitz. Maybe it's more collectible than I thought.


Alicia said...

I say, why choose? Buy both! I'm sure their value will always increase over time.

WHat kind of 'charge' is that, BTW? A 'depth charge'?

Oregon Senator Gordon Smith said...

I'm not sure what george means by that. Maybe it's an interest charge on our social security benifits. I'm thinking about getting a bronze bust of Ronnie too. It would look nice in the servants quarters...

Your loyal servant...Gordan Smith

Sol said...

I keep my bronze figurine of ole George on my night stand so I can see him every morning and before I lay down to rest at nite. Nothing makes me feel more secure than thinking about our commander and cheif. God Bless George Bush!


My gawd...This is the most sickening thing that I've ever seen. You whippersnappers better wake up and smell the coffee. Us dandylions have much better sense of whats cool.

Oregon Senator Gordon Smith said...

Oh Yeh! I'll show you what's cool Geez, I'll be doing a bronze bust myself soon, and you won't be on the exclusive customer list.
Alicia...aleezha, you are on my special list...Ranger Gordon