Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Here's the kind of junk mail that I get, instead of the important mail that I should
be recieving. This disgusting speech is typical of the liberals posing as
progressives here in Oregon.

A friend thought you'd like this streaming media. Play it now with your RealPlayer:

Bill Clinton defines the difference between the philsophy of "We The People" and the ideology of "Corporate Government". Thom Hartman, a regular on KPOJ Radio was at the event. He reflected that Clinton gave this speech off the top of his head, and pointed out the profound differences between Dubya and Bubba.

Clinton-Seattle speech 7-31-06

Former President Bill Clinton speech in Seattle at fundraiser for Washington Congressman Jim McDermott.

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Yeh...sure Ranger Gordon. You just don't know who, where, when, why, which, or what is cool. Bill Clinton was cool, and still is, along whth Thom Hartman, who is a purveyor of truth and the American way.
Ranger Gordy is uncool...